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Juvederm Ultra Smile


Juvederm Ultra Smile is one of the latest products in the Juvéderm line.



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Juvederm Ultra Smile  is one of the latest products in the Juvéderm line. Similar to the ULTRA™ 3, this is an Allergan manufactured brands Hyaluronic acid filler that is specifically designed for enhancing lip contour and adding volume to your lips. The product Includes Lidocaine to bring more comfort during and after the injection procedure.

Active Ingredients:

Biocompatible hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the human skin which binds together water molecules to fill and plump sagging lip skin.
-Juvéderm™ ULTRA™ Smile restores the natural level of hyaluronic acid found in the body, adding volume to the lips and reducing wrinkles.
-Juvéderm is used often by and health practitioners and cosmetic doctors to smooth unwanted wrinkles and age lines, and rejuvenating the natural outlines of the lips.


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